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The Essential Tool for Label Makers

This is the world’s first platform designed especially for all label makers.

Why Use Our Platform?

Have control of your company in the palm of your hand.

Determine processes

Platform to organize the processes of your label company

Store your files securely

Store customer files such as: artwork, knives, orders and documents in a completely secure environment

Organize tools

Catalog and organize printing plates, plate cylinders, dies and tools

Multi-User Access

Create and define specific user access.

Production User

For printers and production

Sales User

For external or internal sellers

Admin User

For document management, orders, quotes and more

Ready to grow?

Organizing your business is essential for your growth.

Discover our prices or contact our experts to find out more.

Efficient Calculators

We provide efficient calculators on our platform to facilitate the day-to-day processes of your label company.


Calculate the exact material quantity for each order.


Calculate dimensions for tools such as plate holder and plate reduction

Costs and Time

Calculate the cost and production time of each order

Organize your network

Create your catalog of suppliers, customers and make new contacts with suppliers pre-registered in our database.